Thursday, 12 January 2012

Farewell examiner! :)

Dear examiner, as you can see my video instead of being a thriller movie has now become a hybrid consisting both genre of horror and thriller. I decided to challenge some conventions and see the effects it will result me in and as a result has lead me to make a hybid movie. Moreover, at the beginning in our groups, we took the different shots however, I was not very happy with the shots produced therefore, I decided to work individually and explore as my group were not keen on re- taking some of the shots. We did our shot list and storyboard together but I filmed individually. To conclude I tried my best and hope you enjoy my thriller blog.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Evaluation 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

The video above represents my preliminary video and the images below represent my progression from my preliminary to REWIND. 


Match on action

Reverse shot


When I first did the preliminary task, it was more like a trial. I was unaware of techniques and how to use the equipment therefore, I had limited knowledge when using the technology, and I was unaware of all the camera angles such as reverse shot and match on action. However, later on the process my knowledge and understanding broadened and I realized what camera angles i'd use and why as I understood the importance of it. For example, to make the audience identify the dominant character and feel emotions towards them, one camera shot I could consider is a close up or even an extreme close up. This will enable the character to feel a specific way towards that character due to the characters facial expression and enable them to acknowledge the characters importance. When producing my preliminary task I failed  to make the audience understand the characters perspective, one way I could have resolved this is by having a point of view shot.

Moreover, I strongly believe that my planning has improved throughout the process in a range of ways for example, for my horror opening, we created a story board and a shot list. This enabled me to understand and see what will happen in each shot, it also helped me understand why it is important for each shot to be situated in the way it is illustrated, for example, by having the main victim lying down on the floor rather then on a bed enables that audience to realize something is not right, also it starts to build suspense and makes the audience raise questions as to why the character is there. However, in the preliminary task I produced a rough story board but was unaware of the significance of each shot, therefore I just did what I thought was right with out taking a deep thought into what all the different camera shot/angle could demonstrate. Furthermore, my shot type have broadened and improved a lot;  during the preliminary we used very basic shots such as a long shots but "REWIND" contains a range of shots for example, birds eye view shot and also different camera angles. 

In terms of equipment I can confidently use each equipment effectively in comparison to how I used the equipment in my preliminary task. I didn't really know how to use the reflector and know importance of it and I was unaware of how to use the camcorder properly, However, for my horror movie, I understood why the reflector is important and how it can make the audience emphasis about the character and how every detail has a huge impact. Also, I feel as though at the beginning of media, I was very unaware of using the software 'Final Cut Express',. Now, I can confidently use; I learnt how to create effects, and edit shots, and audio. To conclude I believe that I have improved my skills and expanded my knowledge of media terms and programs. Also, having worked individually I strongly believe I have learnt and explored so much therefore, now understand the significance of media, technology, and equipment. 

Evaluation 7

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Evaluation 6: What you have learnt from the technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For my horror movie there were a lot of object and technology I used for example, the Canon Camcorder and the reflector. The video camera was very easy to use, and the reflector enabled outstanding brightness.
Garage band: was very useful for me, the reason behind is because I successfully was able to make suitable horror sound for my horror movie. Garage band consist a range of different music instruments that you can mix together in order to create a sound track.
Final cut Express: This was a very useful program as it is the dominant program that I used to make my horror movie which broadened my editing skills. It enabled me to edit sound, cut shots, reverse shots, and add effects to the shots for example fade in and out. Moreover, it enabled me to edit my soundtrack to suit the shots and add special effects which engages the audience attention.
Google: was also useful because it helped me find and establish who my target audience is, and there preferences. Furthermore, 'Youtube' enabled me to watch other thriller movies such as "memento" and "seven" which inspired me to and gave me ideas on how to make my horror movies for example, having constant flashing shot would build up excitement and grabs the audiences attention which was presented in "seven" therefore, I was influenced and included flashing shots for my horror movie.
Blogger: is where all my evidence is situated, it represents my understanding to make a thriller/horror movie, for example my research and planning, and evaluation.
Live type: This is where I created my title sequences and it enabled me to add effect
As you can see there are a range of technologies that I have used to create my horror movie, however, at the beginning we had no intention to use reverse shot, angles, and panning, but only still shots, but with the help of equipment, we realized we had to use them and show of our skills to make our movie effective to the audience by grasping their attention.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Evaluation 5: How did you attract/address your audience:

One way I attracted my audience is through the use of editing, for example, "REWIND's opening ends with a close up of an eye. This has been edited to make the audience feel as though that eye is looking directly at them, therefore, engages their attention as they are being watched. Furthermore,  the eye indicates to the audience that there is someone watching the victim constantly, therefore, attracts their attention by raising questions in the audiences head. This creates an enigma and appeals to the audience as they are determend to what happens next. Furthermore, with the inspiration of "seven", that consist of constant flashbacks, I have also addressed my audience by starting the opening scene with constant flashbacks. This builds the audience attention  as they are focused on all these flashing images therefore, feel confused as to what is happening. Moreover, this attracts my audience to watch "REWIND" as they are motivated to see how the "puzzle" is solved. These constant flashbacks builds excitement for the audience and plays around with their emotions;  at one point they are left to feel confused as to what is happening and then scared with use of sound. By making the audience feel emotions they are more engaged towards "REWIND". Furthermore, I have also addressed my audience through gender and age. 
The victim is a female character who is a teenager, this makes the audience feel sympathetic for her as society has now become child centered therefore, the female character is represented as a little girl in the audience's eye. This makes the audience feel connected towards her especially when something bad happens to her. As a result, they are engaged to see whether the teenager finds justice and identifies the truth. Furthermore, the victim in "REWIND" has commited a lot of murders however, the audience constantly feel sympathetic towards that female character as they are aware that she suffers from  "amnesia".

'REWIND" is a movie filled of excitement, thrills, suspence, and is a mystery that is waiting to be solved for example, the dominant female character, "Komal" has commited a lot of murders however, someone is constantly watching over her, therefore, the audience are left with suspence and are engaged as to see who this person is. Moreover, another way I attract my audience is with the use of the mise-en-scene-. This considers, lighting, editing, camera work, costumes and prompts, and hair and make up. The Mise-en-scene is everything that is represented inside a scene. The fact that the victim wakes up in a room on the floor indicates that she is in a place that she is not comfortable in, this builds questions in the audiences mind (enigma) as to why she is there in the first place, also due to the newspaper and object onthe floor such as bottles and brooms makes the audience be in the victims perspective as to what is happening and why are these objects on the floor. This attracts the audience as they are motived to see how this 'puzzle' is solved. Furthermore, the opening scene of 'REWIND' is only situated in a room which makes the story more realistic. Usually people are found in empty rooms that is dark however, I wanted to challenge this and see if I can still attract my target audience.

Camera work  plays a huge roles to attract my audience as they can only feel emotions and see what the directors wants them too view. For example, a point of view shot attracts the audience as they are positioned in the characters 'shoes', this makes the audience feel connected towards that character.  The image below represents a of point of view shot. 

This shot shows the audience where the dominant character is looking and because the point of view shot is very fast it makes the audience feel that she is in a unfamiliar room. Furthermore, the camera is also positioned from a high angle, this tells the audience that this victim is very powerful. Furthermore, I engaged the audience with the use of editing, for example, during my opening sequence the shots are very fast however, when the victim looks into the picture, the shot suddenly becomes slow due to the shot being edited, this emphasizes the significance of the picture and makes the audience think that the picture has some sort of link to the victim as a result, makes them want to know what is it. Furthermore, the victims costumes is very casual, this makes the audience understand that the victims class. Furthermore sound also attracts the audience, for example at the beginning of the horror movie there the audience see someone typing on the computer but the however, later on during the horror opening they see someone typing but the sound of the typing is very fast this build up excitement and makes them feel as though something is going to happen next. Facial expression is a huge part to attract the audience for example, when the victim see's the dead body situated on the floor, you see her crying and also when she drops the image on the floor she is also crying, this engages the audience as they feel bad that she is crying and want to know why she is crying. Also, because she looks into the picture and it is edited to be very slow makes them think that there is a relationship towards her and the person in that image. Furthermore, because the victim shows shes confused with her facial expression makes the audience connect to her as they are confused as to why she is in that room. Never the less, the title s also one factor that attracts my audience. The title "Rewind" attracts my audience because the title it self implies its something to do with the past of the character, and therefore the audience themselves are raised questions as to what it is that she has done in her past. To conclude, because the character has amnesia builds up excitement, suspense and confuse meant for the audience as there stuck watching the victim put the puzzle of her life together.

How did i attract

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Friday, 6 January 2012

Evaluation 4 : Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience of my film would be people aged 17-25. The reason behind this is because "REWIND" contains some gruesome images of blood and murder which is unacceptable from people aged below 16.Some people may think that the audience is predominantly targeted at females due to the fact that the main character is female, however, "REWIND" contains a lot of bloody shots, action, mysteries to be solved, and flashing images, therefore more likely to appeal to males in comparison to females.Furthermore, "REWIND" mostly targets the middle class people, because they are more likely to go to cinemas. It targets those people who go to movies on a Saturday or Sunday with their friends or families for a thrill. Moreover, some might think that our horror movie appeals to our target audience because it challenges the patriarchal society therefore, is something different which engages both gender to find out what happens next. Furthermore, one films that are similar to my film would be 'Se7en'. The  reason for this is because it contain constant flash backs and is a psychotic thriller.